A Journey of Life (digitallight) wrote in womyn_hatas,
A Journey of Life

My Cancer has shut the door on this Leo.

I've come to realize that it is very hard for me to naturally discuss my inner feelings, unless I am prompted by another.

Yet here goes. I really don't UNDERSTAND my ex. She lives in LA, Ca and she grew dissatisfied with a long distance relationship. I personally loved it, flying to LA ever two months for 2 weeks.

Well, she gave me an ultimatum, I move to LA now, or it's over. I tried to appeal to reason, but she would have none of it. Then, I said regretfully let's just be friends then. This is the shocker. She said I'm her lover or nothing. No communication, no nothing.

Wow, what's a girl to do? I figured I'll give her a few months to cool off and then call. If anyone UNDERSTANDS her position, can you please enlighten me!!!
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