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I do have a sense of humor....

I'm laughing my ass off right now knowing that she is fucking up, yet again! LOL! What a stupid, irresponsible little whore she is! Who is she kidding? Only herself, fortunately. 1. She is so dumb for leaving such a secure job. Paid well, and in time, could have been taking college courses. 2. She is so in dept., so moving to a new place, with no job lined up for herself yet..pretty stupid. 3. Never thinks before she acts. I know you live once, but seriously, c'mon! Be responsible for the problems who already have, before you create new ones for yourself...retard! I would think, that seeing your mother as a bad example would drill something into your thick skull.

For those of you who dont know who I'm referring to...its my ex Meaghan! This little childish moron, used to cry about how she has it so bad, and that she will never get a job, never pay off her shit, never feel worth it....Well, its only she who is making it worse for herself. She fucking gets a great job, only to quit b/c she wants to move to a place where she'll just have to start all over again...Dumbass! She owes alot of money towards loans, and people...especially me! I'm going to have to chuck it up, b/c I'll never see that money. So IRRESPONSIBLE!!! I'm starting to think she was right. When she was getting more and more in trouble, in dept, and feeling worthless....she said, "I think my existance was suppose to cease at a point right after college"....which the fucking loser dropped out of, b/c it was her own damn fault to go to such an expensive school!! She pisses me off so much, and she knows she does...that little cunt!!
*Seriously, I'm saying all of this out of anger...some of this stuff I dont mean, but alot of it I do!*

Its just so funny to me!
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