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My little minds wonder.

I dont know if this is going to be rant or not, but here goes.

Yesterday a friend stopped by and we just talked and hung out for a bit, before she had to get back to work. She was telling me one time when her and her ex were together, that my gf let my friends ex kiss her. My gf is also my friends ex, ex...make sense? Anyway, that just got me thinking..hmm. Will she ever do that to me? My friend said she wasn't mad at my gf, but only mad at the fact that her ex kissed another gyrl right in front of her. Who does that shit?! I mean, I can understand that my gf and my friends ex are great friends still, but that doesn't cause room for kissing on the side lines, ya know what I mean? I dont think it was a matter of cheating, just still having that really close friendly nature with one another. Thats fine, but kissing them??? A peck is fine, but I think this was more then a peck.

I dont know, I've been thinking about it ever since...and I want to talk to my gf about it, but I also dont want to cause an uneeded argument or whatever. I dont know, i'm a bit jealous, and a bit off center now...Will she ever do this to me? My gf and this ex have hung out with out me being there, so I'm wondering if this has already happen? argh! I'm pissed, but also just kinda mellow, b/c it shouldn't be a big deal, b/c I wasn't even in the picture back then. I dont know..grrrr.

I should just talk to her about it. *sigh*
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Thanks alot.

I think i will bring it up at some point with her, if i still can't get it out of my head. I understand the past is the past, but my mind sometimes has a hard time of keeping it there.

Thanks again.